The design is a fundamental part of any business. The design represents the persona of the business. It is the face value of any business. Most of the business owners do not take the designing seriously. They do not spend time in designing their magazine and it ends up as being part of the crowd, being unnoticed. Businesses should focus greatly on designing their magazine. One of the greatest reasons for spending time on designing magazine is its marketing value. Many businesses are known only for their logo and magazines, for instance, take Google for example! Google has repeatedly spent time and effort redesigning their logo as well as magazines.

There are two main aspects in a magazine that a business should highlight when designing it:

  • Colours: A magazine should be of that colour that the company bleeds! Colours are an important aspect of magazine design. Vibrant colours represent the businesses culture, attitude persona. One more important thing to take care is that colour selection should be done with care so that magazine stands out to be distinctive.
  • Format: Another important aspect of the design of magazines is the format. With just simple pictures and texts, you can’t expect to impress clients as well as the investors. You need to have unique and attractive designs so that people are enticed and just do not manage to get their eyes off your magazine!